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Thursday, 07 May 2015 19:30

How to "Patch" your computer.

In this tutorial i will explain how to patch your computer for allowing custom Windows 7 Themes

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1. First you will need to click on the Download below to download and install the patcher, for Windows 7. Universal Theme Patcher, can be found here: Link to Download

2. When downloaded, unzip the file using a program like 7zip or similar once.

3. Ater unzipping the package, open the folder, and choose the corresponding patcher based on you Windows:
For 32bit(x86): UniversalThemePatcher-x86.exe
For 64bit(amd64): UniversalThemePatcher-x64.exe

The program require administrator rights to run. Right-click the exe file, select Run as Administrator.

4. Windows 7 6801 need to patch 3 files: uxtheme.dll, themeui.dll, themeservice.dll
Sometimes, in x64 Windows, you need to patch 2 more files, using UniversalThemePatcher-x86.exe to patch the 32bit files in \windows\system32 and using UniversalThemePatcher-x64.exe to patch the 64bit files in \windows\syswow64.

After patching is done, Restart your computer, to take effect.

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