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Alienware GREEN 2.0

Written by Designfjotten
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Alienware GREEN 2.0 Alienware GREEN 2.0 Designfjotten

Alienware GREEN 2.0 Windows 7 Theme!

Animated cursors
Animated Startbutton
Custom sounds
Animated Scrollbars
Wallpaper included

And lots and lots of more goodies

How too add the theme

Have you patched you system for allowing custom themes? if not you will have to do that.
I would use Universal Theme Patcher, it works great and are free too use, you can get it here:
Note: If you are running a 64-bit OS you have to patch 5 files in total, run both 32-bit and 64-bit paches.
This theme requires you to have Theme Resource Changer installed and running.
Too add the theme, unzip the pack, and add the Theme folder and Windows Theme file (theme-name.msstyle) to: C:\Windows \Resources\Themes

Now you can go to your desktop, right-click and choose Personalize, and you will find it with the other themes you have installed.
This theme is being published exclusively on MegaThemer, and you can download it here:
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