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Alienware HQ AIMP3 Skin pack Preview Featured

Written by Designfjotten
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Alienware HQ AIMP3 Skin pack Alienware HQ AIMP3 Skin pack Designfjotten

Hey guy's, so i have finally finished the AIMP3 skin for my upcoming Alienware HQ Theme Series for Windows 7 and 8

I you are following me over at my facebook page, i bet you have seen the design process of the skin, and i have spent a good 10-15 hours in total on this skin i think, and i enjoyed every second of it.

The reason i made this skin is because i posted a status over at facebook, asking if you guy's had some wishes of extras for the upcoming theme pack, AIMP3 came up, and i have only made one other AIMP3 skin so it was time to finally get deep into the AIMP skinner and make another Skin.

Its not like making a theme, but not very far off, but enough about that, hehe. I try to make this a bit "flashy" if you know what i meen, and used details form the theme design, to give it a complete integration with the Windows theme that will be released with this Skin. I am very happy with the outcome of this Skin actually, and to be the second Skin i have ever done for a AIMP3 Player, i feel its quite good too.

Well i hope you enjoy this little preview of the upcoming Skin Pack for AIMP3, the release is not far away now, only some testing left now, and its all good to launch.

Preview Alienware HQ BLUE AIMP3 Skin Preview Alienware HQ GREEN AIMP3 Skin Preview Alienware HQ RED AIMP3 Skin

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