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Access hidden regional Themes in Windows 7 Featured

Written by Designfjotten
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Today i am going to show you a pretty neat trick, that are hidden in Windows 7. Windows 7 offers you location specific Aero themes based on the language and location you pick during installation. In this tutorial i will show you how to accessing other hidden themes from different countries. When you first start the Windows 7 installation the first thing you will do is select a language, time and currency format. This is where Windows determines what themes you’re presented with by default.

Being from Norway i am not presented with the same themes as for example United States of America (USA) are presented with, this is because of location specific themes from the United States with desktop backgrounds such as scenery from Maine, Idaho, Oregon etc.

Hidden Themes

To get a better view of the images just click it and it will open in another tab in your browser.

To access the other international themes copy and paste the following path into the search box and hit Enter.


Hidden Themes

In the MCT folder you will find additional folders that contains themes and wallpapers for Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Great Britain.

If you navigate inside one of those folders, you can go in and grab just the Wallpaper, or go into the Theme folder C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT\MCT-US\Theme\ double click on the the thumbnail to add it.

On the image to the left you can see I added all of them and now they will be available under the My Themes section for when ever you want to change them around again. This is a neat little trick that will let you customize Windows 7 with hidden themes already available, but hidden by default.

Enjoy your new Windows 7 Themes!

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